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Hallo, ich habe eine englische Bildbeschreibung geschrieben und würde gern ein feedback zum Ausdruck und Grammatik haben. Das Bild zur Beschreibung ist hier: - aber wie gesagt, es geht mir nicht um inhaltlliche Korrektheit. Es ist ein bisschen mehr, aber vielleicht mag trotzdem jemand helfen.

Vielen Danke :-)

The cartoon shows a couple in a house full of “items” taken from nature in contrast to the empty nature that is left over.
All the drawings on the cartoon are very simple, without proper dimensionality, and without much detail. On the right hand side of the picture there is the shape of a house, but without any windows, doors or walls. Therefore it is possible to look right inside, what is possibly the living room. In the background of the room is a picture frame hanging on the wall. Behind the pane of glass are four butterflies exposed for decoration. Underneath the frame a man is sitting in a relaxed position in an armchair, smoking a pipe and looking unemotional. A woman, who is probably his wife, is standing up straight on his left with her hands folded in front of her chest and her head bended slightly. Her face has an ecstatic expression. In a semi- circle around the couple is an arrangement of certain objects. Left to the woman are two vases with different kinds of flowers. Above them is a singing bird sitting in a birdcage. In front of the couple stands one more vase with flowers and an aquarium with a fish and polliwogs swimming in the water. On the left hand side of the cartoon nature is drafted. There is a tree in the back, and a bird and butterflies are flying around the sky. A lot of flowers are in the middle, and a little pond in the front of the picture. But everything, apart from the tree and the leaves of the flowers is just indicated by dashed lines. The written message of the cartoon is printed at the very bottom and it declares, beside the fact that the sentence structure indicates a question: “Isn’t nature marvelous!”
The cartoon refers to the relationship between people and nature which is unbalanced nowadays more and more. The couple in the cartoon is presented in a kind of innocent way. It is clear that the man and especially the woman just see the joy of the moment and don’t think about any long- term consequences of their behaviour. Probably they even don’t want to. But of course the cartoonist does not aim to criticise people for picking flowers exclusively. Necessarily, this image has to be seen in a larger context because then it describes the general attitude mankind has: With the goal to achieve as much profit or personal satisfaction as possible any kind of goods are ruthlessly taken from nature. Nature is in the stage of exploitation.
The sentence: “Isn’t nature marvelous!”, spoken by the women who seems to be proud and satisfied that she has successfully arranged all that “natural items” in her living room can be seen as kind of ironical; the contrast to the “empty” landscape and the dashed shapes of animals and flowers next to the house is very clear and obvious: there isn’t any nature where nature is supposed to be.
The final point the cartoonist is probably trying to make is to call peoples attention on the consequences the exploitation of nature has in the long term. Of course it is very nice to enjoy “marvelous” nature in our own living rooms for our own benefit. But unfortunately the result will be that, metaphorical, the flowers fade away and fishes, polliwogs and birds “die” in imprisonment without natural habitats. The more people are “taking” from nature, the more nature will suffer.
Humans and nature have to find a way of living together in acceptance and people have to see themselves not as ruler of nature but nature as a necessary part of there own existence.

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